July 25, 2009

Wide world of sports in Canada

Danielle is somewhere to the left in this mass of rugby players

Paul coaches Louis at first base wearing his White Sox jersey on honour of "the perfect game" the day before

Summer is flying by and we've been busy with travel, company and of course sports. So much as changed from last summer's sports lineup. Danielle is playing rugby in Montreal, which is something new and exciting for everyone. She's also playing water polo at the neighborhood pool. It's been a great way to meet other kids and it can't get any more convenient than right in the neighborhood. Swim team is limited to the neighborhood team as well and it's extremely laid back, which has been great. No 5 a.m. practices this summer. Rugby practice can be five hours, but they rarely start before 10 am. We're enjoying this schedule!

Louis is playing baseball. While not that different from playing in Naperville, it does amaze us when we hear other teams conversing in French and parents don't think twice about bringing bottles of wine to the games. It's a long season and runs until the third week of August. Canadians make the most of summer and it's okay to take off for vacation from time to time. What is different this summer is that Louis is trying swim team, something he never did in Napervile. For an almost 12 year old to START swim team in Naperville would be like an almost 12 year old deciding to START playing hockey in Canada. (Kish's opinion). It's been very fun for him. You know when there's the kid in a race who comes in last and everyone is cheering him/her on? That's our Louis. He comes out of the pool grinning from ear to ear and doesn't care that he's last.

Tomorrow we head to Quebec City for a rugby tournament at the Plains of Abraham. Now, that's something we never thought we would be saying a year ago.

The thing on her head is not a sweatband. We found out it's to protect her ears from getting ripped. This is news to us too.

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Anonymous said...

Keep wearing the electrical tape Danielle. Don't want to get cauliflower ear. You'll look like a Soviet wrestler otherwise.

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