August 28, 2009

New school year, new experiences

Danielle's first full day of school was today (Friday). Once again, we find ourselves thinking about the differences in our lives compared to a year ago. This year marks Grade 10 or Sect IV as it's called in Quebec -- instead of 10th grade or sophomore year. Along with the uniform comes "rules" Danielle certainly didn't have in Naperville. No make-up, only two ear piercings, very limited jewelry, no nail polish, only natural colored hair and specific shoes and socks. It all sounds a bit harsh, but even Danielle admits it makes life in the morning very easy. Mom agrees. This year Danielle is taking public transportation into the city for school each day....she rides the train near our house to the metro (subway) and then a city bus to the school itself. It's a good experience and something most Montreal kids do each day. Even if Danielle could get her license at age 16, which she can't, the girls are not allowed to drive and park a car at her school. What a relief. And in case you're wondering, they are required to wear green boxer-type shorts under those kilts.

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