December 23, 2010 is out for 2010

December 23rd seems late for getting out of school...but then again, the kids don't go back until January 10. I love that school is finished for more racing to the train at 6:40 am, no more packing lunches, no more homework, no more notes, no more "hurry up!" (ask us on January 4th if we're still thinking this way.)

I really love Danielle's spirit. On the last day of the semester her school has Winter Games...a sort of competition between the three houses...Edgar, Cramp and something else which I can't remember. Girls got together to paint these overalls to show their house spirit. Thankfully, as mentioned several times before, Danielle is one of the house officials of Edgar with a house color of green. The girls in "Cramp" have a house color of red. What the? Seriously? Who would assign the House of Cramp the color RED. We got lucky there. Otherwise, Danielle could be walking down the streets of Montreal with the word Cramp painted in red going down her ass. YIKES. (This is probably a good time to remind you that the school mascot is a Beaver).

As we all know, this is the time of year to bring teachers gifts. We don't do it so much for Danielle's school any longer. We still do for Louis' teachers though....for many, many reasons. Call it hazard pay. However, Danielle mentioned that on her last day it was not uncommon for the girls to bring in wine for teachers and head of school! Can you imagine this happening in our old town of Naperville? Things are mighty different here in Montreal. Not that there's anything wrong with it!

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Guillermo said...

To be honest I cannot imagine the wine thing here in Ontario either... That's so Quebec!

Anyone with a smoke pack for the Teacher? I would not be surprised!

Happy Xtmas Pisanis!

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