January 10, 2011

Oh Arizona

This editorial cartoon is from Canada's Globe and Mail. I sincerely hope I'm not violating any copyright laws. 
If I am, like a Canadian, I say "I'm sorry."

Arizona is in the news here in Canada. What happened in my home town of Tucson, at the Safeway we have frequented, is on the minds of Canadians today. It's hard to get away from it. I would say that the debate on whether or not political rhetoric influenced the shooter has been surprisingly equal. I've heard talk show hosts go on and on about how the guy was just crazy. I've heard (and read) others go on about how the nasty political climate had to affect this deranged "kid." However, what's on the mind of most Canadians? Guns. They don't get why on earth people to the south need to carry weapons. If someone has a gun around here, it's for hunting or because they live in the far north woods and need when they go chop firewood for protection against a bear...not a neighbor or an immigrant.

We own guns. I inherited a .357 magnum (think Dirty Harry) from my dad. Paul has hunting guns. But, we left them in the States. We have no use for them here in Canada, nor did we want to deal with the paperwork. (We were more interested in having the movers pack and hide a year's worth of Bombay Sapphire and Patron Tequila. That's more important).

The gun thing...that's a bit foreign to Canadians. After watching the horrible news from my home state over and over again, I'm starting to think more like a Canadian.

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John Lennard said...

Wonderful interview on CTV this afternoon! It was very nice meeting you at the studio.

All the best,


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