April 14, 2011

New Brunswick bound

We dropped Danielle off early this morning at her school for a road trip to New Brunswick for a school rugby tournament. This will be the third year she has gone to this tournament. The team plays an exausting schedule of games and they get to visit a beautiful part of Canada.

Why rugby you ask? We ask that ourselves. Danielle got involved in the sport her first year at the school and has been hooked ever since. She loves the team aspect of the game and we have to say she has the most amazing coach. This man, who hails from South Africa, truly understands the sport, and most importantly the safety factor. He has had very few injuries (that's reassuring) as a coach. The worst injury was a broken leg and hip -- and that was when one of his athletes was playing basketball in her driveway.

At a recent team meeting, her coach read the following quote from Sir Richard Wild, the former Chief Justice of New Zealand...

"It is the team element which provides a spur for the weaker spirit, a curb for the selfish and discipline for all. It treats every player as equal from whatever sporting background she comes; there is no yielding in the tackle, there's no privilege in the scrum."

Oh...and now that she's been appointed Captain of the team we're not sure if we should be addressing her as "Captain Danni" at home.

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