July 4, 2011

Two countries, two celebrations

We decided this year we wanted to really celebrate Canada Day this year. Our original plan was to go to Ottawa until we realized there was a royal couple there stealing the thunder. We opted instead to stay in our local town and watch the fireworks and listen to some music. The tunes were good, but the fireworks? They were....shall we say....we're quite certain the sidewalks they just put along our road must have used up much of the budget. It was still fun to be out and enjoy with our local Canadians.

Since we live so close to the US, we decided to drive to Burlington, Vermont for the night to enjoy a 4th of July celebration on the 3rd of July. We know Canada has health care, great work benefits and social program, but WOW....the US has it nailed in terms of the fireworks displays. It's safe to say the budget for the 4th was not ever cut and we were happy to enjoy that in Vermont. Seriously, one of the best displays we have ever seen. It was nice to not think about deficits, debt ceilings and all that drama and enjoy the celebration.

We took the ferry home across Lake Champlain

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