May 27, 2012

This dog....

This dog has been through a lot in the last several days. Long story short...some rapidly growing  lumps on his front paw have been aspirated for testing and a subsequent surgery was initiated this past Thursday to remove as many of the tumors as possible -- there are five in such a small space.

This dog is not a good patient. His discharge papers on Friday said "no running, jumping, chasing balls or stairs for FOUR WEEKS." He broke each of those rules within being home for 24 hours.

This dog is enjoying some dog narcotics at the moment, however they have only slowed him down slightly.

This dog has rocked our household a bit with decisions, anxiety and worry.

This dog enjoyed a trip to McDonalds and a yummy ice cream the day before his surgery -- technically it was his last meal.
You can see the growth on his paw in this photo

This dog has incredible gas thanks to all the spoiling, ice cream and treats he's had  -- and bag of bones our dear friend Cathy LaPorta brought him when he arrived home from the dog hospital. We don't mind the smell one bit.
This dog is receiving excellent vet care in Canada. While some may complain about the human health care system in Quebec, we are pleased with the genuine care he (and we) are receiving by his vet surgeon and clinic. Our bank account, not so much -- we also pay sales tax on all vet care. Ouch!

This dog dog returns to the doctor on Tuesday when the doctors believe it will be confirmed that he has cancer. Fortunately, not the type of cancer that is inclined to invade his system. Unfortunately,  it's likely a cancer that will affect his leg...which is part of his character....a big part of this dog.

This dog, this loyal, floor cleaning, happy, entertaining, sometimes annoying, active, loving, determined animal is part of the family.

This dog is forcing us to make decisions we are not prepared for.

This dog reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Duke, ..He is lucky to have parents like you and such great siblings..I wish him the best...and you too....

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