October 26, 2008

Au revoir Naperville

Our house in Naperville is officially empty. Kish was there the last four days for the packing and loading process....it was a walk down memory lane. Paul held down the fort in Montreal getting the new house ready. 

Our family spent nine years and 11 months on Freeland Circle. It's the home where Danielle lost her first tooth and Louis took his first steps. We made great friends in Naperville. Thanks to everyone who helped out in the move offering a bed to sleep in, a meal or a cocktail. Our neighbor Scott turned out to be the handyman for the weekend and while we have been away. And our other neighbor Ellen, who moved with her family 11 times, knew to come over with her gloves on and started cleaning, knowing Kish shouldn't be by herself for the last few hours in the house. She offered great advise on moving with a teenager and knew enough to suggest at the last minute to get the basketball hoop in the truck knowing it will be great for Louis to have his hoop from Naperville as one of the first things to be placed at the new house. Just before leaving the house for the last time, Paul received a call from Kish which he appropriately called a "Kumbaya moment." 

The Sox Flag was the last thing on the truck and will be the first thing off -- the flag pole is ready in Beaconsfield/Montreal. It's not baseball season (for a Sox fan), but until we can find the Blackhawks and Bears flags, this will do.

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