January 22, 2009

Are you in?

The video referenced in yesterday's  blog entry has been found on YouTube this morning. It's the long version, and at the end references the Starbucks Are you In? campaign. Speaking of Starbucks...they are available in our area, however, the famous green sign is not in every grocery store or corner of a strip mall. While Kish and her friend Jackie had their own economic stimulus plan in south Naperville by keeping area coffee houses in business with a two latte/day habit, Kish is finding it easier on the pocket book in Canada. That's about the only thing that's easier on the pocket book. We are finding after being here that things in the states are TOO convenient...drive-thru banks, pharmacies, restaurants, and of course coffee every half mile. Not so here. There is one drive-thru Starbucks but it's about ten minutes away...and well....think of the gas at .97/litre. The best coffee is in the village of Pointe-Claire, also about ten minutes away. But no drive thru. So unless it's a desperate time in need of a desperate measure, like caffeine, it might be frequented by this Pisani once a week, if that. Besides, there's something in the coffee capable of keeping a person awake for a week, so again, it's only used in desperate times. And a large latte is 3.60$ Canadian. 

Enjoy the video...sorry, I have not figured out how to dump it right into the blog -- so here's the link....


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