January 10, 2009

A winter nation

A browse through the cable tv guide on a cold Saturday afternoon and it's obvious we live in a "winter nation." There's plenty of alpine skiing, bobsledding and curling on television today -- something we were not used to in the states. (We just finished watching Marquette -- one great advantage of living out east is being able to get most of the Big East games). Back to winter sports -- did you know that no Canadian has ever won a gold medal on Canadian soil? They're obviously promoting the heck out of the Vancouver Olympics in 2010.

Good thing there's lots on the tube as Louis is sick today and Danielle is off in Toronto. She left yesterday by bus with her team for a water polo tournament in Toronto. (She wasn't too happy mom wanted to take pictures). It's a great opportunity for her to travel with the team, as most parents don't attend the far-away tournaments.  The girls and boys teams are traveling together -- although smart thinking -- they stay at different hotels.

Here's the link to TSN if you want to read up on the curling championships - 

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