February 19, 2009

Does he need a passport?

There's lots of talk about tightening border security between Canada and U.S. It amazes us when we hear about people coming to Canada illegally to take advantage of the "free" services. We didn't find it easy at all. Prior to having our Canadian medicare we had to pay out of pocket for medical services. And despite what you may have heard, you can't come to Canada with a U.S. medicine prescription and have it filled at a reduced cost. Not true. There are things available over the counter here (like Allegra D) and things not available (like Alleve).  There's no limit on Sudafed either -- hopefully this is a good thing. And, Kish still has to navigate through an aggravating system to get a Quebec driver's license. We're quite certain that when it comes to writing a check for what we owe for Canadian income tax, it will be easy.

In light of President Obama's first international trip and his five hour tour to Ottawa (Canada's Washington, D.C.), we're wondering, does he have to bring a passport? Does he get all those cool stamps?

And speaking of the news. It's interesting talking to Canadians about the U.S. news stations. Several people have asked me how the heck Americans can make informed decisions from watching the news because it's so one-sided, depending on what side of the political spectrum you are on and what network you watch. Kish has now found the best source for U.S. news is CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company). Here's the link...


Meanwhile, Obama has rockstar status in Canada. We'll see how much they like him after the meeting today. From what we hear, Stephan Harper and Barrack Obama are very different people. One radio commentator on CBC said Harper is the type of guy who would enjoy talking about insurance premiums in his free time and Obama is a guy who would like to discuss sports.

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