February 17, 2009

Things not seen in the US #3

This is brilliant. Why didn’t we think of it? This handy wine in a box gives a whole new meaning to the traditional, large “buzz in a box” and another version of “Mommy Juice.” It’s wine in a JUICE BOX. Perfect for skiing, outdoor concerts, ball games, swim meets – all the places where breaking out a bottle of wine and a corkscrew might not be a good idea – but a sip or two of red wine is necessary. And the nice 1 litre box (on the right) is just as handy when the little box isn’t enough. Traditional juice, like apple, grape and orange, comes in these 1 litre boxes as well. We figure we’re saving on those corks and avoiding glass injuries. Don’t worry, there’s a separate wine shelf in the fridge so the kids know what not to touch. And the bonus – the wine isn’t half bad.

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