June 2, 2009

Heavy Metal

It was a busy weekend for the Pisani family. On Friday, Kish and Louis attended a party celebrating the Special Olympics ski season. As we found out, Louis DID win a medal at the Provincial Championships in March. The organizers did not print out the last page of results – imagine that! So, Louis won a silver medal for his age group in the Giant Slalom and he received his metal at the party instead. We’re so proud of him, especially considering the fact that in December he could barely stand up on skis. At the same time, Paul was attending the GMAA (Greater Montreal Athletic Association) championship rugby game. Danielle’s school (ECS) defeated Royal West Academy to win the Gold metal and the championship. It was an exciting series and only the second rugby season for ECS. These girls can play. We decided to make sure one of us was at the game after watching two ambulances drive on the field the game before. Kish keeps reminding herself that moms of platform divers must have a more difficult time watching. Danielle has really taken to rugby and loves the game and will play with a club this summer as well. Although, Paul is frustrated because he has to learn the rules of her sports of choice – rugby and water polo. "You keep picking sports I know nothing about," he has mentioned more than once. When asked about the championship game he said, “she looked like Mike Singletary out there.”  Wow…that makes a mom oh so proud.

Danielle, not to be confused with Mike Singletary, at a game earlier this season

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