June 12, 2009


One of our favourite weekend places is Tim Horton's. Okay, sometimes we go there during the week too. For those of you who have visited us, you know that there's nothing that Louis likes more than Timbits. They are donut holes, but let's just say they kick as$ over Dunkin' Donuts. And the coffee is quite good, and much more affordable than Starbucks around here. And a lot more convenient. Finding a Tim Horton's in Canada is like finding a Starbucks or McDonald's in the US -- they are everywhere. Here's a link to an interesting news feature story about Tim Horton's.

And speaking of Tim Horton...hockey season comes to a close tonight. We're watching the game right now so we obviously don't know the outcome. In honour of our Pittsburgh friends the Kirstein's, we're of course cheering for the Penguins. And Crosby is well-liked in Canada, obviously. Tim Horton's is a big sponsor of youth hockey programs in Canada. Crosby has a natural connection to Timbits Hockey and at the age of 5, in 1993, played for the Cole Harbour Timbits in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Standing at 3' 11" Sidney wore jersey # 8 and played centre, clearly a sign of things to come. We thought this was a great video.

Now to cheer for baseball...before we know it will be football season.

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