September 7, 2009

Baseball is over and Paul didn't get deported

Louis and his teammate Elliot at the last game, which started in the afternoon when it was sunny, then turned into rain and a half hour delay and ended at night for a total of 11 innings

Louis' baseball season officially ended last weekend. After a rain delay, coming from behind and ultimately going five extra innings, they lost the last game of the regional championships. While everyone was bummed out about not being in the Quebec championships this Labor Day weekend, we were also happy to have the weekend free and ended up with a fantastic team party on Sunday. What an amazing group of boys and parents. We asked some of the parents at the party if all teams were this cohesive and they all responded that we were lucky to have found such a great team. We are thankful.

Paul enjoyed his first season as one of the assistant coaches. As soon as he opened his mouth, most knew he was not from Quebec and he quickly earned the nickname "USA." While taking a few plays from the Ozzie Guillen management playbook, several times we were thankful he didn't get ejected from the game, or as one parent said, "what are they going to do, deport him?" Everyone enjoyed the American influence from Louis and Paul. The opposing coaches and fans, not so much. More than once we're certain he was called a "F%#$&! A*S^)#@ in French. Every once in a while he would ask one of his coaches what that person said and more often than not they would say, "you don't want to know." In all seriousness, Paul was always sticking up for the boys and we have to all agree that there was some crrraaaazy officiating going on during some of the games. We like to think it was lost in translation.

Here's a video we put together with some highlights from the season. While there are some differences in Quebec, for the most part, baseball is baseball -- in the US or Canada. Except for the French part of course.

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