September 9, 2009

Tennis anyone?

Louis has a new favorite television This summer Kish and Louis had a chance to go to the Rogers Cup, or the Canadian Open tennis tournament, held in Montreal. On three different days we watched amazing tennis matches on the big courts, practice on the smaller courts and got a few prized autographs. Kish quickly learned that a tennis tournament in Montreal is not quite like a White Sox game in Chicago -- really -- at noon and no one is drinking a beer?

A quick study, Louis has picked up all sorts of tricks and uses them when we hit some balls at the neighborhood park. He has the Roddick sweat thing going while using his shirt to wipe his forehead and the "uh" grunt mastered as he hits each ball...sort of sounds like Monica Seles though.

Louis after getting Roddick's autograph. We like to think it was the chocolate covered
"Phelps Phan" t-shirt that got Andy's attention

Watching Roddick enter the stadium

Could he look more American at the Canadian Open?

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