January 24, 2010

Geaux Saints!

We're obviously hoping for a Saints victory and sending good vibes from Montreal. In case you were wondering if "Geaux" is really a French word...here's the definition from the Urban Dictionary --

Derives from areas highly populated with Cajun Americans, Louisiana State University Tigers fans, or more commonly both.
"G-e-a-u-x, Geaux Tigers, Geaux!" 
"Here we geaux Tigers, here we geaux!"
It's not uncommon to hear it at a Saints game as well as we learned when we lived in Louisiana 20 years ago.  Prior to moving to Montreal, Kish only knew how to pronounce the "eaux" in Geaux and Bordeaux. Now, French lessons have opened up a whole new inventory of vocabulary. Regardless....Go/Geaux/Allons-y Saints!

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