January 21, 2010

One big snow cone

We're having a bit of a warming trend in Montreal this winter and so far we can't complain about the weather. Unlike last year, we can actually see the driveway instead of a sheet of ice. Typically the snow starts falling in November and we don't see the driveway or grass until the end of March. We're certain this breath of warm(er) air won't last though.

In the meantime, Duke has decided our yard is one big snow cone. He's also decided that the snow will be his source of water when he can't find a toilet lid up. This despite the fact he has a nice, fresh bowl of water in the house. We can't say that we blame him though. In a pinch, we've used carefully selected snow to cool down a drink when the two ice trays we've survived with for 15 months aren't producing fast enough. What's a little snow going to do? After all, as Kish's brother's will confirm...the dogs from their childhood lead very long, happy, healthy and hydrated lives surviving on swimming pool water.

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