May 10, 2010

Things not seen in the U.S. #8

Montreal is completely crazy about the Montreal Canadiens. The fans are particularly fond of the goalie, Jaroslav Halak, as evidenced by this STOP sign. We've seen Photoshopped stop sign photos in the paper with Halak replacing ARRET. In seeing this stop sign, it's also unique around Montreal because there are very few signs that stay STOP rather than ARRET. The Language Police (no joke) might demand this sign be replaced because the English word is the same size as the French word. (no joke)

This evening it was a very quick softball game for Danielle as the game took place during the first period of the Canadiens/Penguins game. The Canadian Canadiens fans, snug in winter coats (yes, we are wearing winter coats on May 10) had to show their spirit at the softball game today.

And speaking of hockey....for some reason, perhaps because we now live in Canada, watching/hearing the National Anthems of both countries is incredibly awesome.

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