July 4, 2010

4th of July and pie

We had a nice 4th of July with Canadian friends out in the Eastern Townships of Quebec -- east of Montreal. This is the area we travel to each weekend in the winter for Special Olympics skiing. It was so nice to see the countryside all green and in bloom for the summer.

Our first stop was to try on ski jackets for next season...which seemed odd in the summer. Our team and volunteers will be all decked out in matching red this coming season!

Then we were off to the home of Tim, Sally and Adrian Crocker for lunch. We've been to their home several times before for Special Olympics parties and this time it was nice to truly visit. Tim and Sally have the most ideal home set up for Adrian who is 37 and has autism. Adrian lives in a small group home during the week and comes home on weekends. This home is decked out with a large swing, trampoline and the swimming pool, all of which are great for Adrian and visitors like us! Tim and Sally are patient and wise parents. It's so important to be friends with people who have "been there" and have gone through the adults stages with a child with a disability. We are truly fortunate to have several friends like this in our lives...and especially fortunate to know a few families here in Canada who have also "been there."

And the gardens! We were treated to a fantastic lunch with everything fresh including Sally's "snappy lettuce"-- I should have photographed it! The gardens around their home are stunning...

We came home from our lovely day and at our front door we find the most amazing cherry pie from our American friends the Tease family (from Alabama).  No fireworks tonight (we did that on Canada Day)...but a great American-made cherry pie is an awesome way to close out 4th of July.

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