July 23, 2010

Simple pleasures

Nothing gives this dog more pleasure than tennis balls and water....except of course peanut butter, humping everything in site at the dog park, vanilla ice cream, the sound of the garage door opening, stealing meat off our previous neighbor's grill, the comfort of the couch or a car ride. He's a happy Canadian dog these days. However, he misses our Naperville neighbor Ellen...and her yard.


Kate in VA said...

So, as a lurker, I'm dying to know: how are you all getting along not being fluent French speakers? Or are you? There is no mention of your French ability anywhere and I'm dying to know! As someone who fantasizes about moving to Quebec with high school French. And I know their accents are totally different from what we learn in school, having a Quebec friend who I cannot understand.

Kish Pisani said...

Hi Kate,

Good question. I wrote a lot about French early on when it was oh.so.new. We are working on it to this day. Quebec is a great place to live and to learn. We've all taken lessons and my daughter has to pass French in order to graduate high school. I'll plan on doing a post about language soon. There's a lot of political stuff associated with the French/English issue. And yes, the Quebec French is quite different from France French!

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