September 3, 2010

"I'm almost fluent" word of the day 9.3

This is one of those words that most English speakers would probably figure out after a few guesses...


Which means....air conditioning. Which is...something we have been without for the past four days. Which makes....the mom of the house very cranky. 

Finally the "part" is in the the repair man is in the house. In a few minutes I'll be presented with a facture which means invoice -- however each time I see the word facture it reminds me of fracture which is usually what it's doing to the checking account. Today though, if lots of loonies means nice cool air, that's okay. Just in time for the start of fall. Hopefully the heater is working.

1 comment:

Zhu said...

... and you will notice a lot of people in Québec say "l'air conditionné" :-D

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