February 1, 2011

the Daily Duke 2.1

Duke is exhausted from watching the Weather Channel all day long. He's borrowing a phrase from the Sarah Palin word salad, playbook and is having his own "WTF moment." He's all...WTF -- What's the Fuss? It's winter. It snows. He is a Canadian Field Labrador after all.


Anonymous said...


The Flynns are hunkered down in Elmhurst with the blizzard. I grilled out tonight on the deck screw the weather. School and work is already cancelled for everyone tomorrow. I imagine this snow fall would be a non event in Montreal. I still can picture your outside AC on stilts. The wind is howling outside..as long as the electic and interest stays on we will be fine. This will be an "epic event" for the Flynns. I plan on sledding tomorrow with the kids. I hope all is well for the Pisanis

Kish Pisani said...

That's funny! Grilling in a blizzard. Yes, sort of a non-event here, but you never know. We get plenty of weather here. I'm sure your fridge is stocked with the essentials, if you know what I mean. Enjoy the snow day..go sledding like it's the 70s in Chicago when there was a lot more snow so you can say to your kids "WHEN I WAS A KID...." As much as I joke...we also paid over $700 in heating oil and it lasted a month. YIKES.

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