February 21, 2011

Family Day in Canada

It's technically a holiday in much of Canada...except Quebec. The provinces of Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan celebrate Family Day on the third Monday in February. It's supposed to celebrate the importance of family life to people and their communities. Kind of nice.

It was just an ordinary day in Quebec. We've been spending a good bit of time at a small rental place near our ski hill. What better way to learn more about Canada than with Canadian Monopoly?

Although, when Danielle and Louis play this game together, it's not always that friendly. I suppose, that's normal...and very family-like. Even for Family Day...most everywhere but Quebec.


Autumn May Dale said...

Cool! I will also try to share some pictures of my family day next time. Thanks for sharing yours.

Arins said...

Nice...I think you really enjoyed your holiday with family.Thanks for sharing.

Ajith said...

Nice! Canada is beautiful country for live,work and visit.It's great idea to enjoyed vacation with family.It's great time ahead.Thanks for sharing.


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