May 20, 2011

Census consensus

Our statistics are officially entered into the Statistics Canada..or as they say in Quebec Statistique Canada. After getting several notices via mail and assuming we didn't need to fill out the forms, I decided to go ahead enter our numbers via the Internet to avoid getting arrested.  Besides, by waiting a bit, I was keeping the government employee responsible for "sending out reminder notices to the people every other week to justify my job" person. Not that it would matter, that person will always have a job. A good job with great benefits.

So, as I got into the online form I had look twice at the computer screen a few times. I mean, all I could do was imagine what Rush, Glenn Beck, Newt and the rest of the "family values" crazies would think if this census form ever saw the light of day in the U.S.A. 

After getting through the "relationship" status page, there were several pages dedicated only to language...

No, thank you Canada. 

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