May 17, 2011

The first of many lasts

As Danielle winds down her last year of high school, she is starting to experience the "last" of many events that have been a major focus of her education starting in elementary school....and especially at her high school.  Tonight was her last music concert.

Danielle with the other graduating grader 11-ers

Danielle and her graduating music classmates with the school's Headmistress

However, just an hour or so before the music concert...Danielle was here....

Danielle had just about an hour to get back to school, scrub her knees that were caked with mud, and get into her uniform. Fortunately, it's not her last school rugby game since her team won the game...thanks in part to plays like this. 

Here's to the first of many lasts she and her friends will experience in the next month.

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