June 21, 2011


Danielle had her official "closing" ceremony as it's called at her school....not to be confused with a graduation ceremony. It was such a beautiful event and we were so happy to have family there with us...Paul's mom and brother Dan and my mom. It was just perfect.

Unlike in the States were graduates typically wear a cap and gown, the "girls" at her school all wear white dresses with certain restrictions. Because there were only 36 graduates in the class, as each girl got up to receive her diploma, the Headmistress was able to say a few words about each girl, making the entire program seem a bit more personal. The entire school comes to the event (all 300-something of them) as do many "Old Girls" or grads of the school.

Danielle and her Grandma

Singing the class song

Danielle and her Nana

Danielle's name will forever be on the walls of Miss Edgar's and Miss Cramp's school
While the road has not always been easy on this Canadian adventure, we are so proud and pleased with all that Danielle has done with her education here in Quebec. She has made the most of it and absorbed so much that will make her a better human being. We couldn't be prouder of her accomplishments!

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