June 7, 2011

The never-ending annoying healthcare issue

I can't even believe to describe how frustrating it is to read the news in the U.S. and discussion about the morality of Medicare, socialized medicine or whatever you want to call it. The part that pisses disturbs me the most is that the politicians and blowhards like Beck, Limpballs, Coulter, Palin and the other clowns are all sitting pretty with plenty of money in the bank and premium coverage for themselves.  As if they know what they are talking about, they love to bash the Canadian system.

I've written about it several times before, but we have no issues with heath care in Canada, thus far after almost three years. None. It's been so much easier to navigate than what we dealt with in Illinois with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Each and every time I spoke with them I was certain I should drive myself to the doctor for a stress test. Here? My real stress test was fully covered by medicare and our private insurance at the old age of 45. And my mammogram? I whipped out my credit card at the last appointment and guess what? Covered by medicare. The receptionist looked at me like I was crazy and I walked out of there feeling like I was shoplifting.

I just read a great posting on Bob Cesca's blog and he sums it up perfectly. Yes, I know he can be left-leaning. But he's right 99.8 percent of the time and he tells it like it is.

From Bob's posting....

Okay...I'm not very good at math, but this pie chart pretty much sums it up.

Is the system perfect? No. Do some people have complaints? Of course. But, the complete article in the link below is a nice summary. I have to say, when we move back to the U.S. some day, I'm not at all looking forward to re-entering the U.S. health care quagmire.


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Sharon said...

Totally agree with you, Kish. We've been in BC for seven years and I'm perfectly happy with our medical care -- and we've had occasion to use quite a bit of it.

Fortunately, we won't be going back to the US. I don't envy you the transition. ;-)

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