May 13, 2009

Air time

Our Chicago Blackhawks flag has never seen so much light. Traditionally, it’s been flying in the heart of winter, not in the middle of spring. If the Hawks keep moving through (oops, when the Hawks keep moving through) the playoffs, we’re going to need to purchase a replacement flag as it’s showing the wear and tear.

It’s an interesting time in Canada to be a Blackhawks fan, considering the fact they took out the last of the Canadian teams. Most of the hockey fans we’ve encountered in the last couple of days have been happy for Chicago, ironically. Even the striking union members at Paul’s company have made positive comments about the Blackhawks as he has passed by the picket line. That’s an entirely different blog entry we’ll address when the strike is over. Let's just say for now that Paul has learned a lot about Canadian labour unions in the last couple of months.

Paul had to fly to Vancouver this morning for a meeting. With his Blackhawks shirt of course.

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