May 16, 2009

Things not seen in the US #6

We're in Toronto to see our White Sox play the Blue Jays. It was a good game today even though the Sox lost. For each person who commented our our Sox shirts, we wanted to say "how are you liking the Stanley Cup playoffs, eh?"

Okay....the first person who spots the TWO reasons why this screen would not been seen in a U.S. ball park gets an Alex Rios bobblehead we're supposed to get at tomorrow's game. Make a comment below or email Since there were only 14,000 Blue Jays fans at today's game, we're thinking we'll get our bobbleheads. Those 14,000 fans made a lot of noise though. Helps to have a winning team.  For some reason the fans don't like Dye. We're trying to figure that out.

We'll have more about Toronto in a later post. Nice, clean city with recycling stations next to all the sidewalk garbage cans. What a concept.

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