May 2, 2009

Representing Chicago...

Today was Louis' basketball team party celebrating the end of the season. Paul did a good job representing the teams in Chicago. Fortunately, this evening we're able to watch the Bulls, Blackhawks and Sox all at one time. 

Paul is pictured here with two of his players. As they do in the U.S., moms of the players collect money for a coach's gift. Most of the time in Naperville coaches receive a gift card to a local restaurant or sports store. What you can't see in side the green box in Paul's right hand is the bottle of Cuban Rum both coaches received from the team. 

It was a long season but a lot of fun. We were recalling when Paul showed up to the first game after being in the country five days and was appointed the coach "because he looked like a coach," -- in other words, he had some sort of sports team shirt and cap on we're sure. We were living in a hotel for the weekend and didn't even have our own beds, but sports were already in full swing for both kids.

It's been quite a ride! But tonight, we're cheering for Chicago.

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