April 29, 2009

Bonjour Madame

Nothing says “Welcome to the Hood” like waking up to several dozen Hydro Quebec men (our electric company), dressed in orange, taking over the back yard to replace the utility poles and overhead wiring – and shutting off the power for six hours. They were cutting down the tips of trees and taking down wires and uploading new poles and wiring…all in the matter of hours. After having lived in neighborhoods the past 15 years with underground wiring, much to the pleasure of Paul since that is his business, we’re in a 1970s suburb with overhead wiring, not to be confused with a giant jungle gym for every squirrel in the west island. That’s another blog posting, or a perfect hunting trip for Kish’s brothers who like to hunt using a bow and arrow. Even Duke can’t contain these yard rats. But back to the utility repairs. It was impressive. It probably seemed more impressive because these men were all yelling things in French and they kept calling me Madame. And they were extremely polite. I like being called Madame. 

Here's a photo of Duke just because we haven't posted one in a while. He was annoyed because Kish was on the other side of the invisible fence.

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