April 25, 2009

Flute for cleats

Danielle returned this week from a fantastic five day trip in Boston with the symphonic group from school. They performed in public concerts, including an assisted living facility for seniors and veterans. It just so happened that they were there on Patriot Day in Massachusetts and Danielle, as the only American in her symphonic group, was selected to say a special thank you to these remarkable veterans. The trip was complete with symphony performances, Blue Man Group, Shear Madness, museums and lots of teenage giggling we’re sure.

Danielle was home for two very quick nights, unloaded her fun clothes and reloaded with Rrugby gear. She’s off this weekend for a school tournament in Saint John, New Brunswick, in the eastern part of Canada. It’s a 10 hour bus ride from Montreal. Sending her off for a rugby tournament made us realize how different our life is from one year ago.

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