April 11, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like spring...

No, thankfully this is not our dog...but it could be. Thanks to John Schmitz (Kish's brother) for sending this hilarious Easter greeting. 

The nice spring weather (we're in the 40s F here)  is proving to test the reliability of Invisible Fence for our dog Duke. In the winter he was smart enough to know it's not worth hopping through snow for any length of time when he has a perfectly fine dog bed and/or couch available at home. As we have often said, while he enjoys the great outdoors, if he ever became a hunting dog he would require a heated duck blind. 

Spring in Montreal is not unlike spring in Chicago...it just arrives a few weeks later. Road construction signs are up, there's garbage where the snow once fell, tulips are beginning to come up and everyone keeps saying the weather is nice and all, but a good snowstorm could still drive us crazy. We're cautiously optimistic that spring is here and looking forward to it. Duke is too. The squirrels aren't too happy about it though.

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