April 6, 2009

Crazy sports weekend

March Madness is officially over for Louis as his six-month basketball season came to an end this past weekend. His team, coached by Paul, made it to the second round of the playoffs. If you asked us in January if we thought it was possible that they made it past the first game of the playoffs, we would have been doubtful. They were awesome and made drastic improvements. And Paul made it through the season without any technicals himself – although when you look at the photo below from a game earlier this season, you might think otherwise. We like to tell the kids he was trying to “instruct” the ref. (As Dan Pisani pointed out, he's wearing his "good jeans" too).

What you can’t see in the photo is the kids who followed him out on the court like little ducklings because they liked the conversations with the ref. What really surprised us was the parents. We thought Naperville parents were into the game – these parents were crazy! We’re assuming it’s because they’ve been attending hockey games their entire lives as players and parents. Let’s just say they are very vocal and lucky not to get fouls of their own. And Paul’s co-coach was known to drop the S-Bomb frequently. There’s nothing more entertaining than a French-Canadian yelling “Ssshhhhheeeetttttttttt.”And not getting a foul for it. 

Danielle had a busy weekend of her own with the Provincial water polo tournament. Her team will play in Nationals, fortunately in Montreal and not Vancouver this year, at the end of May. There are no photos of Danielle because she’s in that “Mom, don’t bring the camera” stage.

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