August 13, 2010

the Daily Duke 8.13

Duke enjoys a cool Montreal morning sitting in the sun at the front door. No doubt he smells the remnants of skunk odor still present in the foliage in the front yard after he was "skunked" on a beautiful summer evening last month when all the windows were open. Had there been an emergency slide available that night, Kish would have used it to leave the house. The smell of skunk leads Kish to have flashbacks of a childhood in Arizona bathing two Great Danes with tomato juice on hot summer days. For the record, tomato juice does not work and Kish is now thinking her parents sent her outside to keep her busy for hours on end with large cans of tomato juice and a hose. After all, this was pre-computer, Facebook, cable tv, DVR, CDs, iPod, DVD, iPad, texting and all those time-sucking activities occupying kids today.

  • Photo taken with an iPhone and tweaked using the Plastic Bullet app
  • I found a good remedy for skunk other than tomato juice. Kish has never been able to enjoy a Bloody Mary thanks to her childhood Great Danes.

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