August 16, 2010

"I'm almost fluent" word of the day 8.16

It's another new installment of the Canadian Pisani Adventure blog. I actually have a follower who asked a question about how we are coming along with our French! A real in someone who is not a member of our family or one of our friends who follow our blog because they are being nice.

This new installment is called "I'm almost fluent." Well, I'm all. With several glasses of wine I'm better though. After being here almost two years, I find myself paying more attention to words and phrases in a way I didn't before. Because I'm STARTING to understand a lot more. For example, there's this radio station called CJAD AM here in Montreal. They are similar to a big AM news and information station in any large city. So for the two years I've been listening, the traffic as been sponsored by "Lakey Pur" store. For the life of me I have not been able to figure out this it pur or fur? Is it a fur store? Lakey-fur? Wow, they're putting a lot of loonies into buying ad space for furs when you could likely find one for 100$ on Craigslist these days. It wasn't until just the other day for some reason I GOT IT. It's L'EQUIPEUR! A clothing store in Montreal, one I pass on the road all the time. It only took two years to figure this word out. It's a difficult language, really it is. Can you understand how when they say L'EQUIPEUR on the radio I could have thought it was "Lakey-Fur?" Or "Lakey Pur?" All this time I was too embarrassed to ask. the I'm almost fluent word of the day is....

Which means...vacuum cleaner. Prior to "learning" french I only knew an aspirator as that bulb syringe I use (and sometimes still do) to suck the snot out of Louis' nose. Now, I have a real French word I can use for vacuum cleaner. I suppose that means I need to actually use the vacuum cleaner, or I mean...aspirateur.

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