November 5, 2010

the Daily Duke 11.5

Another bad iPhone photo. You'll notice the Milkbones in the background. Duke decided to help
 himself to half the box when I made a quick stop at the Post Office. 
Once again, Duke was a great distraction while crossing the border from the U.S. when we went for a quick trip to stimulate the economy. U.S. Border people don't ask too many questions when we cross over. If an American with Quebec plates says they are going to Plattsburgh for the day they know that means they are avoiding unreasonable prices and sales taxes for the same products window shopping. 

However, the Canadian Border Patrol did ask for "papers please" for Duke. Unfortunately, I didn't have up-to-date papers, but they let him into the country anyway. Caesar Milan (a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer) did not have the same luck while traveling into Ontario for his tour this week. He uses a Pit Bull "Junior" in his show and Pit Bulls are forbidden anywhere in the Province. Even the Dog Whisperer couldn't get an exception. Perhaps if he had done that "sssshhhhttttttt" sound he makes with dogs, but on the Border Patrol dude, he would have gotten in. 

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