November 13, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like winter

The weather today was certainly not winter-like, but the signs of winter are here. Literally. These driveway markers are multiplying like Republican house seats. Different snow plow companies get permits for driveway plowing and once you have paid the bill, up front, they put these markers at the bottom of the driveway so employess know which driveways to plow after a storm....up to several times a day.  It seems like a luxury for us as we tend to be more "do-it-yourselfers" but, with the amount of snow we can get, it's worth every Canadian penny.

Speaking of "do-it-yourselfers"....Paul insists on cleaning the gutters himself, along with help from the kids. Me? I look up and thank God we have good healthcare coverage.


Rolf said...

That is definitely high and dangerous! Next time you do this, try to test your roof by stepping on to it, but not putting too much weight, to make sure it's strong enough to support you if you stayed longer while cleaning it. The cleaning time is perfect because it's not too sunny outside, and because it's almost winter, the gutters should all be cleared. Keep safe!

Northern Virginia Roofing

Missie Rice said...

I agree with Rolf. You should test the roof first because you don't know if it's still sturdy like it used to. There is always a danger when you clean the gutters, especially if your house is high and steep like this in the picture. Being extra careful will not hurt. I hope that you were able to clean the gutters properly. Take care!

DeShazo Roofing

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