November 10, 2010

It's Veterans' Week in Canada -- yes a week. I'm so impressed with how Canada honors veterans. This video has been airing on Canadian Television for about a month. It stops me in my tracks each time I hear the opening music.


Mr. G said...

I cannot agree more. I cannot be more than impressed with how Canada honors this people.

Coming from a country where military has always being a matter of social division, I do not miss any opportunity to admire these fellows and their medals and how proud they always look!

Sharon said...

Yes, we comment on it every year. And that EVERYONE wears a poppy. I think we inherited the approach from the Brits where Remembrance Day is still a big deal. And in Canada (aside from the current Afganistan adventure) our relation to the military is not ambivalent as it is in the US. We see ourselves as Peacekeepers not military conquerors.

We live in a small town in BC where the Legion is the social center. We joined once we became citizens. In the US, the American Legion is about as relevant as buggy whips. And "Veteran's Day" gets a passing mention in the media, if that.

Try to find a Veterans Day event in the US -- we'll have one here on Thursday right down main street.

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