June 13, 2010

The dog with even more names

Before we moved to Montreal our dog was known as, Duke Urlacher. When we moved to Canada we added Gretzky and he became Duke Urlacher Gretzky. When the Penguins won the Cup last year we added Crosby (click here) because, well, Kish just thinks that Syd the Kid is cute. So the addition this year is obvious...Duke Urlacher Gretzky Crosby Toews.  Here he is sitting on the front porch staring out at the Blackhawks flag, which might be hanging into July when we put out the Stars and Stripes for American Independence Day. Nothing says summer like a Blackhawks flag in the front yard.

We're thrilled with the Blackhawks win. Most of the Canadians are just as happy -- they really like the Blackhawks, unless of course they are playing the Canadiens. Seems like Louis knows a bit about probability. (click here). Kish, however, thinks the reason they won is because last week while Kish and Paul were in Antigua, her pink Blackhawks flag blew off her head while on a boat and is someplace in the Caribbean.


Kish Pisani said...
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Kish Pisani said...

Someone who is not our friend and found our blog actually posted about how I can't change the name of a Pedigree dog. Huh??? Tell that to Duke. We never even registered him with the AKC. As much as we adore him (Paul, not so much) our next dog will for sure be a rescue or foster dog. We'll never pay a breeder for a dog again. However, my brothers John and Paul have amazing chocolate labs and I would pay for their bloodline. The person who posted it must have been a character from BEST IN SHOW. Seriously.

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