June 23, 2010

Sweet sixteen

Today our Danielle turned 16. For kids in "the states" this is the day parents take the kids to the DMV for the all-important driver's license. Here in Quebec, it's not so celebratory. We still have not navigated through the legal-eze, but basically, Danielle can't get her license, or even her permit, just yet. While we don't have a clear answer, we have "heard" she has to take classes for a year and then there's something about having to change her residency status to get a student visa which would enable her to get her permit and/or license in "like" a year. Confused? So are we. In the meantime, we're thankful we live in a city with adequate public transportation, which Danielle takes everyday to school and will take this summer to the city to visit with friends.

Speaking of school....we couldn't be more proud. Danielle was elected to a House Official position for her 11th grade year. It's a big deal. Think Hogwarts and Harry Potter. There are three houses in her school...Edgar, Cramp and Adami -- named after the important people who started the school, Miss Edgar and Miss Cramp, 100 years ago. Danielle was elected a House Official for "Edgar." Mom is thankful she is a member of the House of Edgar. Her athletic pants and sweats say "Edgar" rather than "Cramp." Yipee. (Dad is even more thankful the spirit wear does not say "The Beavers," which happens to be the school mascot. So, she's officially a House Official which amazing when you consider she has been at the school for just under two years.

She's officially a House Official -- the House of Edgar

At the Investiture ceremony

                        Danielle and her friends wear their new "house" ties and 11th grade blue shirts for the the first time at the closing ceremony at school in June
So, on Danielle's 16th birthday we get to brag a bit. She's adjusted very well to school. She has a fantastic group of friends and we are so pleased that she has embraced her high school life in Canada. Next year she and her friends will be the big kids on campus and enjoy life in Grade 11 or Sec. V as it's called here. In addition, she was appointed editor of the yearbook after spending the year as photo editor.  Danielle is truly a mix of her mom and dad....into the whole "arts" thing like mom, yet also does well in math and science. She asked mom for help with a math question recently. Her mom, who said "sorry" after 4th grade math in Naperville, took one look at a math problem recently (looked like Greek to me) and suggested she talk her talk to her dad. Dad took one look at the math problem (and he knows what he's talking about as an engineer) and basically mumbled something about "new" math and turned it back over to Danielle. The point is....she is doing well. The difference between her education here in Quebec and what she might have had in Naperville is this....she has 40 tenth graders in her entire "graduating" class. They rarely, if ever, have multiple choice questions. Her math final was over two hours long and SIX questions. Better? We don't know for sure. But we do know that they have a lot more writing to do in their exams which is why they refer to finals as "writing exams." 

All that aside. We're so very proud of our 16-year old. As parents, we're fortunate. Rather than fight us every step of the way (she did a bit when we first moved here and that's okay) she's embraced her life here in Canada. Just look at that hat!

Fille de bonbon à joyeux anniversaire


lisa said...

Congratulations Danielle! I know how special being a house rep. is...love the blue shirt!! Kish and Paul and Louis, you should all be very proud....BTW, we belong to the house of ADAMI!

Claudine said...

Congratulations & Happy Birthday to Danielle and to you & Paul! Clearly, mom & dad have done a great job! :)

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