June 20, 2010

Field trip to our nation's capitol

There's nothing like a 12 hour day spent visiting our (temporary) nation's capitol with 70-something sixth graders and a couple of school buses. Last week Kish was one of the parents lucky enough to take this end-of-the year field trip to Ottawa, Canada's capitol, with Louis and his fellow classmates and teachers.

Ottawa is a little less than two hours west of us. It's a great city, and we have so much more to discover. Seeing Parliament Hill and the old buildings makes us want to learn more about the history of our temporary country. We hope to spend more time there this summer and sit in on Parliament which is supposed to be very entertaining.

After a visit to a science museum and a boat trip through the Rideau Canal (the canal is frozen during the winter and visitors can ice skate and skate and skate!), we stopped by Parliament Hill so the kids could run off some steam. Louis was a bit annoyed at his mom and her ever-present Nikon and was on his way to tell his mom to put the stupid camera away when this photo was snapped.

But not before we got one group shot. However, many of the kids were missing as they were buying Popsicles. It was like herding cats. Popsicles won.

So, after a museum, a great boat ride and free time on Parliament Hill, what did the kids seem to enjoy the most? Swimming at the University of Ottawa in the Olympic-sized pool and going off the diving platforms.

Sadly, the Pisani kids have been to Canada's capitol and not the U.S. Capitol. We're planning to change that this summer. Oh well...when in Canada.

Parents might think that after a busy day that it would make for a calm bus ride home at 6:30 pm. Turns out, when kids have a chance to eat at a buffet without their moms around, they will choose cookies over lasagna and root beer over milk, making for an amped up bus ride. Fortunately, this mom had ear plugs in her backpack left over from the Grand Prix race a few days prior.

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