June 19, 2010

Grand Prix du Canada

Safety first. No, Paul is not on his way to the Gun Club. As far as we know we don't have a Gun Club in Montreal. We were at the Grand Prix du Canada last weekend here in Montreal. The Grand Prix has been in Montreal for a while and skipped last year, our first summer here. It was our first Formula 1 event and quite cool. Or warm, as it was a "hot" day for our northern blood. Basically, we sat in "good" bleacher seats for an hour and half an watched cars make a hairpin turn while wearing our ear plugs and drinking expensive canned beer. Budweiser too. Huh? Not even a Molson?

We learned after the fact that we could bring a cooler, and that's what the smart Canadians did. We had a whole new education in the different beers available in cans...or canettes as they are called in Quebec. We did have a bottle of red wine in our back pack. But something about heat and red wine in a plastic cup just seemed so college. It was a great day and an interesting experience. Very good for people watching.

I already forgot who won, but I guess it was this English guy.

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