June 26, 2010

We're ready for some futbol!

We're ready! We waited a few days to put out our USA flag. June 24th was Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste day in Quebec and well, it's not wise to get all patriotic about other countries (or even Canada) on that day because it tends to piss off upset certain sectors of the Quebec population who would take it as an insult. Seriously, St. Jean Day is a big deal in Quebec and everything was closed...grocery stores, Home Depot, businesses, you name it. We wanted to go out and get some provisions and Paul came home and said he knows how our Jewish friends must feel like on Christmas day. Although, Tim Horton's was open!

So, to avoid conflict, we waited to show our enthusiasm for the World Cup and our home team.

It's amazing that here in Montreal we can watch each and every game on Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) and other stations and in a variety of languages. Seriously, EVERY game. The other day we wanted to watch the USA game and found ourselves watching again on CBC even though we ASSUMED it would be carried on ABC on our US stations (Boston). I guess the ad revenue from General Hospital is too important. We don't get ESPN here, only TSN -- the Canadian version with lots of hockey news and soccer news these days -- so I'm hoping our friends down south at least saw the game on ESPN. Today we noticed the game will be carried on ABC. That's nice of them. We can also watch on CBC and in several different languages.

But here's the irony -- we have a chance to watch all this World Cup coverage and CANADA DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A TEAM. People all over this city have their homes decorated in colours from different countries, flags on cars, jerseys on kids and adults and general enthusiasm everywhere. We hope it's like that in the States. After all, it is the biggest sport in the world -- even bigger than American Football.

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