November 26, 2008


In 10 years of school, Danielle has never been sent to the principal's office or received a detention -- until now. You'll never believe what she had to do to get this punishment -- forget her dress shoes. Yup! She wore her snow boots to school and realized when she got there she didn't have her school shoes. So instead of trying to cover it up, she asked an administrator if it would be okay if she borrowed a classmate's extra shoes (which she had arranged already). And the administrator said she could borrow them, but she will still get detention because they are not her shoes. Has she not learned from her parents? We would have borrowed the shoes and not said a word. 

So are we mad? No. First, she did a much better job at the situation then her parents would have at that age. And, she knew to take the consequences herself, instead of calling Kish to drive into the city in rush hour to deliver the shoes, just to avoid detention. 

A bit harsh? Perhaps. But it's not likely Danielle will forget her shoes again and it really is a life lesson. Plus it's just detention and we're assuming nothing like The Breakfast Club.

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