November 10, 2008

A few of our favorite things...

We've officially been in Montreal for over a month....we're enjoying our time here, but have to admit there are a few things from the states we used to take for granted. At the risk of sounding like Ugly Americans.....
  • Ice – who has a fridge without an ice maker? We do -- the previous owners were European and they’re not big on ice. No one is around here really. Do they sell ice trays anymore?
  • Mexican food – have not found any yet, not even Taco Hell.
  • Giordano’s – we admit, we’re pizza snobs.
  • Right turn on red – it’s illegal on the island of Montreal. U-turns are tough too.
  • ESPN/Sportscenter – we get the Canadian version. We do get WGN though!
  • 6.75-7.5% sales tax – sales tax is high in Montreal – around 13%.
  • Putting cans and bottles in recycling – we have to think twice because we’ve paid a deposit and they have to be returned. It’s a good thing, right?
  • Banking hours – it’s only Monday-Friday 10-4 in Montreal and no such thing as a drive through ATM.
  • A full school week – the kids have yet to have a full week of school! There are a lot of holidays and teacher work days in Canada.
  • Trader Joe’s – no explanation necessary.
  • English - now we sound like Ugly Americans. We're learning French though. That said, most everything is in French and fortunately, most everyone speaks English and is bi-lingual. We're the ones with the obstacle.
And Danielle's vote for what she misses...a cell phone. Believe it or not, although we own a home, pay taxes, etc. in Canada, we have not established any Canadian credit and have not been able to get a cell phone for Danielle. Our new Canadian credit card arrived last week and she can finally get a phone. So, since she has the DAY OFF school today, we're off to get her phone. Actually, with a long commute to school and other activities it is more of a necessity around here.

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