November 1, 2008

It's in the game

We don't have beds or furniture and we're living in a hotel for the weekend...but we have sports. Louis started basketball today and it was good to see him smile and back in the game. Before Paul realized it, he was the coach because "he looked like a coach." (He was wearing an LSU shirt so that must qualify him). We're not even certain if all the kids spoke English, but they understood each other regardless. The team is called "The Maverick's" which made Kish cringe -- since the word has taken on a whole new meaning this political season. Sports kids are the same regardless of where they live. It was as if he was playing in Naperville again -- these kids could play!

Danielle has been in water polo for the last couple of weeks, before we even owned a home in Canada. It's a big commitment with practice four days a week and tournaments on some weekends. Like hockey, pool time is at a premium and she's in the pool some nights until 10 pm. Water polo is much more popular in Canada and she's getting a different type of training. Because it's such a big commitment, she's taking a break from competitive swimming and will instead start on her school team next week. High School swimming is not as intense as it is in Naperville anyway. 

It's Hockey Night in Canada and we can watch just about any game in French or English. There's still College Football though.

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