November 27, 2008

Joyeaux jour d'Action de Grace!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US! Or Joyeaux jour d'Action de Grace! (there are some accents missing). Hard to believe, but it’s business as usual in Canada as it’s not a holiday here. The Pisani family will make it a holiday! Danielle is staying home from school as she posed a good argument about how the kids from different countries in her school take off special holidays. As of now, Louis amazingly is still asleep and will stay home from school as well. However, the TV is not allowed to come on until later this afternoon! Who wants to watch the Detroit Lions anyway? We’ll hold out for next game. Duke will spend the day in front of the oven and Paul and Kish will unload another box or two.

On this day of thanks we know how much we have to be thankful for. While it’s been a wild ride this year, in the big scheme of what is going on in the world, we are truly giving thanks.

So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US. And to the Flynn family in Elmhust hosting the Turkey Trot after party (and we do mean party- nothing like people in bathrobes starting Thanksgiving festivities early) – know that the Pisani’s are with you in spirit and we will have a Molson in your honour after a stroll around the neighborhood. And for our old neighbors in Harmony Grove, sorry you won’t be entertained with Paul’s turkey frying show in the driveway. Kish suggested Paul not try that this holiday season – first there’s no telling where are supplies are and second, the Blackhawks flag out front still has people turning their heads.

Have a great day!

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