November 22, 2008

Things we've learned in Canada so far

We decided to write about a few things we've learned in Canada so far...

1. The Montreal Gazette is a fantastic newspaper. Can you find an article in the Chicago Tribune detailing 50 ways to make rabbit? It really is a good paper.

2. A big bathroom really isn’t necessary. Kish and Paul are doing fine with one sink. The kids too. We don’t spend that much time in the bathroom, hopefully.

3. Same goes with closet space. Our new home was built in the ‘70s. Enough said.

4. Molson Dry is 8.5%.

5. Going into the bank is a good thing. No drive thru here. Tellers know your name. Especially if you are there to report fraud on your debit card. "Happens all the time." Fortunately, funds are replaced in a couple of days.

6. Patience is a virtue. Everything takes longer. It’s not always a bad thing.

7. Quebec is way different from the rest of Canada.

8. Invisible Fence works great for a Labrador unless there’s a squirrel on the other side of the “border” taunting him.

9. Kids need an hour for lunch. Louis has a full hour for lunch and recess – in addition to another recess in the morning. Kids need to run around and have a break. Adults do too.

10. Uniforms are a good thing. All schools should have them. It eliminates all the drama-for girls anyway.

11. Socialized medicine is not a bad thing. While we have not had a catastrophic experience, fortunately, just the savings in medicine is making an impact on our monthly expenses.

12. Canadians like French wine.

13. It’s not uncommon to have wine with lunch.

14. Kids in Canada take public transportation without hesitation – even if the school is 15 minutes away.

15. Did we mention the wine?

16. Daycare in Quebec is on average $7 a day – the government supplements the rest.

17. Canadians are just as passionate about politics. They can call elections whenever they want. And kids have another day off school too because they are poling places. We will experience two elections in two months.

18. Fast food is not as readily available.

19. There's something special in the coffee. Not sure what it is..but it's addicting and stimulating. 

20. All of that said, there is still a reason why people want to live in the US.

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